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Do I need Counselling?

​People from all walks of life attend counselling for help with life’s challenges and events. You may wish to make sense of personal issues, break out of old patterns, find help in coping with a crisis or seek support with self-development.

You may seek counselling yourself or have been encouraged by family, friends, colleagues or your GP. Counselling can offer a space to work things through with a qualified and impartial professional. We offer counselling for individuals, couples, children, adults and families.

​What is a typical counselling session like?

​Counselling sessions will vary according to your needs and the type of therapy you have chosen. Commonly it provides a set time for you to discuss whatever issues, events, thoughts, feelings and experiences you wish. Exploration may include considering the past along with your aspirations for the future.

You may wish to talk over dreams, memories, regrets, hopes, difficult events or life decisions you may be facing. You may prefer more practical Cognitive Behavioural or Solution Focused approaches to work through specific issues. Counselling provides a safe environment to work through issues and move forward with your personal development.

How do I arrange a counselling session?


​​The first step is to simply contact us with the key details of your situation. We can then match you with one of our therapists who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Where will the counselling session be held?

In most case your appointment will be held at your counsellors private practice. Our therapists have convenient locations across Leicestershire. We do also offer remote sessions via telephone and online via skype, this allows us to provide counselling support to our clients across the UK.

​How long does counselling take?

​The length and frequency of counselling varies depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Some attend for short term therapy while others may attend for a year or more. Your counsellor will discuss your needs and requirements during your initial consultation session. If counselling is appropriate the counsellor would either refer you to a more suitable therapist or proceed with an initial period of weekly counselling, usually of 6 to 12 weeks, then review progress.

​Is the counselling completely confidential?

​Private counselling does offer a confidential space to talk through your concerns. However there are exceptions, primarily situations that present risk of harm to you or others and where you disclose serious crime or acts of terrorism. Your counsellor will discuss confidentiality with you during your initial consultation session and provide this information to you within a written counselling agreement. Additionally counsellors are required to discuss practice with a clinical supervisor who maintains the same standards of confidentially.

How does payment work?

​We offer private practice counselling and psychotherapy. This usually means you would pay for sessions unless you have private health insurance, private healthcare provision through your employer or have funding from another organisation willing to meet the cost. If you are paying directly payment is usually made by cash or cheque to your counsellor at the end of each session. Once an appointment booking is made forty eight hours notice is required for cancellation or the full fee for the session will apply.

​Do you offer any student discount or reduced fees?

​A reduced fee rate is available for students or those in receipt of benefits. Please see the fees section for information about current prices.

​Does my counsellor have qualifications or training?

​Our counsellors are fully qualified to meet current professional standards, allowing them to attain membership of one or more of the following organisations :

british association for counselling
uk council for psychotherapy
The British Psychological Society

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