Marriage Counselling in Leicester

We offer marriage counselling in Leicester through our in-house team of qualified relationship therapists. Our sessions will give you a safe environment to talk about your marriage issues, helping you to improve your communication together.

Has your marriage run into difficulties?

​Even with the best will in the world all marriages can encounter difficulties from time to time. Sometimes these difficulties may become more serious.

You may feel like your relationship is beginning to fall flat, that communication has broken down or find you are feeling distant from one another.

You may feel caught up in cycles of persistent arguments or be facing up to the impact of an affair or relationship breakdown.

​As time goes on, failing relationships within a marriage can be difficult and hurtful. They can begin to affect your confidence, wellbeing and happiness while impacting negatively on your working life or wider family relationships.

​Move forward with marriage counselling

​It can help to talk to an impartial professional who will listen without judgement to both of your concerns and issues without taking sides. Marriage counselling can offer a safe space to talk, find common ground, communicate and work through issues within your marriage.

If one partner has an issue affecting the marriage we can also provide separate individual counselling help as appropriate.

​We are here to help

​Our counsellors have successfully helped many couples facing a variety of issues to work through their difficulties through both marriage counselling and individual counselling.

​Take the first step today

​The first step is to simply contact us with the key details of your situation. We can then match you with one of our therapists who will contact you direct to arrange an appointment

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