Individual Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process of working through your concerns with one of our trained professionals.The aim of our counselling service is to help you find a more effective and satisfying way to live your life.

Are you struggling with life’s difficulties?

There are times in life when we can all run into difficulties. Sometimes it is enough to talk things over with friends and family but at times we can feel our loved ones are too close to the problem or that we don’t want to worry them with our more difficult feelings.

You may be struggling to cope with life’s challenges or notice you seem to be repeating the same patterns in your behaviour or relationships and not know where to turn.

At times life’s difficulties can have more of an impact, affecting your confidence, wellbeing and happiness while impacting negatively on your working life or relationships.

Mitul Gajera

How can counselling help?

It can help to talk to an impartial professional who will listen without judgement to your concerns and issues. Counselling can offer a safe space to talk and work through issues or feelings in a structured and therapeutic way.

Increasingly, many people attend counselling at some point in their lives to address a particular issue or for help with breaking out of old patterns towards personal growth.

You may wish to attend short term solution focused or cognitive behavioural therapies to address specific issues. Alternatively, you may consider longer term therapies such as humanistic, person centred, psychodynamic or integrated approaches to explore underlying issues in more depth.