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counselling in leicester
A warm welcome from Sullivan & Associates, Leicestershire's trusted provider of psychotherapy and counselling services.

Our fully qualified team of clinicians work throughout the UK and have an experienced background in a wide range of services, including :

 - ​Support for Individuals through counselling for depression, addiction, stress, trauma, relationships, bereavement and anxiety.

 - Support for Organisations working in high-risk areas through trauma support, supervision training, stress management and tailored programme development.

​ - Training and Consultancy for counsellors, psychotherapists and management including in-house developed CPD events, clinical supervision, mentorship and life coaching.

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“I recommend Sullivan & Associates to anyone. Now I have the tools and resources to get the most out of my life and relationships.

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counselling in leicester
Dr Judith Sullivan Senior Accredited Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Doctor of Psychotherapy

Our growing network of qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and training specialists are expanding into a wider range of support services for individuals and organisations. We are updating our website to reflect these exciting new developments. In the meantime, please contact us to discuss the help you need from our team.