Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT in Leicester

We offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT in Leicester to treat a wide range of issues for our clients across Leicestershire.  This article provides more information about CBT and how it can be used to assist you to look at personal issues and the world around you in a different way.

If you already familiar with CBT and would like to book and appointment with one of our experienced CBT therapists then please contact us.

Are negative patterns of thinking holding you back?

​We can all feel set back by difficult, upsetting or stressful events and experiences. However, if we get stuck in negative patterns of thinking things can seem worse than they are; while constant rumination and worry can begin to affect health and wellbeing.

​If spirals of negative thought patterns persist they can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious or depressed and can lead to changes in behaviour that begin to limit your life options and experiences. For instance, you may begin to avoid certain situations, places or people which can impact on your work, relationships or social life.

These kinds of thought patterns can also be key factors in phobias or obsessive – compulsive patterns of behaviour, which can leave you feeling trapped in your fears or repeating rituals that can begin to consume your life.

​How can CBT help?

​Cognitive Behavioural therapy works on the theory that it is not events in themselves but the way you think about them that often sits at the root of problems. If we get stuck in negative patterns of thinking about events, without seeing other ways of viewing things, this can begin to affect our response, resulting in problematic behaviour. CBT looks at the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviour and how changing the way we think can change the way we feel and respond.

​There is a wealth of research which supports the effectiveness of CBT. It is a mainstream therapy used widely within the NHS and is recommended by the UK governments NICE guidelines to treat a variety of mental health issues.

CBT is an effective form of therapy to treat phobias, eating disorders, anger issues, stress and anxiety, addictions and habits and many more issues. It is particularly useful in changing problematic patterns of behaviour but has also been found to be helpful in reliving some symptoms of medical conditions such as chronic pain. CBT can also help with confidence, assertiveness, motivation and self esteem.

​Working together to move forward

​Talking to one of our Cognitive Behavioural therapists here at Sullivan & Associates can help you to examine how your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviours. We can support you step by step in finding more helpful patterns of thinking and beginning to gradually experiment with behaving differently in the situations you find difficult. The therapist will work with you towards your goals to break out of the patterns that are holding you back and move forward positively.

​Take the first step towards change

​The first step is to simply contact us with the key details of your situation. We can then match you with one of our therapists who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

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